The New Order of the Pretty Face

Founding Member:

Current Roster of Members (and Ranks):
Nam (Captain of the Face)

The original Order of the Pretty face was a sham. Its members brought shame on the word “adventurer” and they met coward’s deaths. The New Order of the Pretty Face was created to show the world how amazing adventurers can be!

Kill the dragons!

Criteria for entrance:
Kill 6 Dragons
…Current Dragon Conversion Rate:
……Dragon = 1
……Half Dragon = 1/2
……Drake = 1/8
……Kobold = 1/16
Interview with the current Captain of the Face

Evidence presented for acceptance by current members:

Dragons Killed:
2 Dragon Wyrmlings, 1 Langdedrosa, 8 Guard Drakes, 40 Kobolds
Transcript of Interview:
Nam: “So Nam, what makes you think you have what it takes to become the founding member of the New Order of the Pretty Face?”
Nam: “Well, Nam, I’ve clearly got the experience, as you can see by my dragon kill totals. Plus, I’m a Wizard, the best of all the adventuring classes.”
Nam: “Well, that’s certainly true, Nam. You resume is quite impressive. But founding a new Order isn’t something that just anyone can do. What gives you that extra edge?”
Nam: “Well, Nam, what really gives me the extra edge in this case is the fact that I happen to own the only known Amulet of the Original Order of the Pretty Face left in existence.”
Nam: “What? You’re the owner of that Amulet? That’s amazing! Unfortunately, the order already has a founding member… Me!”
Nam: “Wait a minute, if the criteria state that I have to interview with the current captain, then how exactly is this interview working?”
Nam: "Well, time is not precisely a linear concept. Have you ever heard of a Proto-Spatial Misalignment?
Nam: “Of course, but I thought that was disproved by the laws of thermoarcane harmonics.”
Nam: "Oh, sure, you would play the thermoarcane card, wouldn’t you. How typical. You just need to relax and let the paraphase manipulation waves wash over you. "
Nam: "I prefer to think of them as paraphase manipulation particles, but to each his own, I suppose. The real telling fact, though, is what your opinion is on how the the metatemporal bias of this conversation proves or disproves the manipulation itself.
Nam: “Well, now you’re just stalling. Tell me, do I get the job?”
Nam: “Wait a minute, I thought that you were interviewing me…”
Nam: “Gah!”
Sergey (from afar): “Nam! Wake up! The caravan’s about to set out!”
Nam: “Bah, gotta go. Congratulations! We’re the new Captain of the Face!”
Nam: “Hooray!”

The New Order of the Pretty Face

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