Sergey Ivanovich Molotova

Dwarf Paladin


Sergey is tall, even for a mountain Dwarf. He’s powerfully built, arms thick from wielding his enormous warhammer. He shaves his head bald, but grows a long red beard in the fashion of his clan. His eyes are blue/green. Sergey is rarely seen out of his armor, which he keeps in pristine condition. As mentioned before, he wields a warhammer and a large shield embossed with symbol of Bahamut.

Although generally serious and pious, Sergey loves ale as much as the next Dwarf. He knows and sings with relish a wide variety of Dwarven drinking songs.


Sergey was born a dwarf commoner, the son of a stone cutter, in a small dwarven hold at the north end of the Greypeak Mountains. As a boy, he was inspired by tales of proud dwarven defenders holding the line against the enemies that threaten the homeland. When he was of age, he joined the Legion, an alliance of dwarves from the Greypeak, Nether and Rauvin Mountains, and proved to be a fine soldier and a capable leader.

He quickly rose through the enlisted ranks becoming a sergeant at an unusually young age. On his very first patrol in this new role, Sergey’s squad found evidence of a raiding party made of humans, orcs and half-orcs. The raiding party had come east from The High Forest and were bearing many corpses of elves.

Sergey’s orders were to scout and report back only, but hungry for glory, he ordered a charge. The battle was swift and decisive and when the dust settled, Sergey’s squad was wiped out. He was left for dead and the raiding party moved on.

In his near-death state, Sergey had a vision. The face of a platinum dragon appeared to him and in a booming voice he heard, ’I see you have learned little, Findarathion. Your hubris has once again nearly spelled your end. Perhaps I should have let you die before and perhaps I should let you die now. I think none would fault me.”

“But I am not done with you! YOU ARE MY SERVANT AND YOUR WORK IS NOT COMPLETE! Now live and do your duty. And do not expect me to save you a third time.”
The face faded and was replaced by a series of flashing images: a burning town, a large city on the coast, a castle in a swamp, a citadel floating in the sky. The images began to fade and a woman’s voice could be heard chanting, ‘Greenest….Greenest….Greenest’.

When he woke, Sergey realized that it was Bahamut who had saved him and the he was confused by everything else he had seen, he dedicated his life to the god’s service.
This was a controversial choice as Sergey’s homeland is deeply loyal to the Dwarven gods. Bahamut is respected, but it is strange for a Dwarf to worship him. This caused a rift with Sergey’s father. While the trouble didn’t rise to the level of banishment, Sergey came to feel that it would be best for him to leave home. In addition, there are very few resources for a fledgling Bahamut worshipper in the homeland and so he sought a temple.

Having found one, Sergey took up the worship of Bahamut among the Dragonborn in a remote temple. The canon of Bahamut foretells a figure called the “Hammer of the North”, a foreigner raised up by Bahamut to be his champion. Sergey, who’s surname Molotova means ‘Northern Hammer’, half hopes half believes that he may be this figure of prophecy.

It is now nearly 5 years after Sergey’s vision. Though he has prayed and devoted his life to the study and worship of Bahamut, he has not had any additional visions. However, the word ‘Greenest’ has been haunting his dreams. He can’t remember and of the details of the dreams, only a sense that the time has come for him to travel south. Through research, prayer and speaking with travelers, Sergey learned that there is a town called Greenest, far to the south, and east of Candlekeep.

His story begins here: In Candlekeep, he has joined with a caravan bound for Greenest, several days to the east. With each day, and each mile traveled, he feels more clearly that this is the right path and that soon, he will have answers.

Sergey Ivanovich Molotova

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