Sylvester Namfoodle "Nam" McGarrick, Wizard of the 3rd Order, Captain of the Face

Male Rock Gnome Sorcerer


Nam is a 3’1", 28 pound bundle of metaphysical muscle, with a side of slightly crazy.


Excerpt from Tyranny of Dragons: A Comprehensive History of the Dragon-Wars – Volume II

“…And of course, the last of the companions was Sylvester Namfoodle McGarrick – Nam, as he was known to his friends. Historians usually refer to Nam by the names and titles he wore at the end of his life, but oft ignored are the early days. Where did this strange little gnome come from and what was the source of his power? Likely no one will ever know the complete story, but what we do know paints quite a picture. The earliest written records we have of Nam come from when he was already nearly 100 years old. Although even Nam himself was never able to accurately recount the details of his previous life, we can still piece together a probable origin.

Nam was likely born around the turn of the 15th century DR. Given his love of the road and adventure, it is likely that his family was nomadic in his early years. He was clearly well read, and likely spent much of his time with his nose in a book. Most likely somewhere around his 88th nameday he joined an academy and began to study wizardry formally. It was there that we believe he stumbled upon the book that would change his path forever. His love of reading would have naturally led him to research older and older tomes, and learn deeper, darker languages. Accounts of his later years often refer to his occasional habit of swearing in primordial, for instance. Well, one day, young Nam must have stumbled across the wrong book and unleashed some ancient magiks upon his mind.

What happened next is unclear, but most experts believe that the ancient magiks linked him, somehow, to an ancient source of power, so massive and wild that the poor gnome just couldn’t handle it and went a little bit insane. This ancient power leaked out of him constantly – one account from a librarian noted that his left ear was sparking the entire 3 days he spent in her library. And a barkeep once noted that one evening, Nam’s right hand spontaneously lit on fire and the gnome just looked down, shrugged, and took another swig of his beer. Other times it is said that faint music could be heard all around him, or that he would randomly turn a strange color at times. These strange effects were clearly the result of the ancient power. But there were darker, deeper effects – his mind was warped. He often times spoke nonsense. Those who knew him well said that at times he would be perfectly lucid, and at other times he would be completely incomprehensible. He also became more powerful. The academies of the era would have noted a talent such as his, had he shown such aptitude for magic before the incident, so we know that previously he’d likely been a magical nobody – destined to a life of minor potions and simple charms. Afterwards, though, it is said that he wielded the elements like a master – once again, the ancient power he was linked to was clearly at play.

Being a fairly conspicuous fellow, his travels post-incident are fairly well documented – and fairly uneventful for the first several years. He went from city to city, reading every book he could get his hands on, and helping out folks in need (when they could look past his strange demeanor to see the unexpected competence beneath, at least). And that was pretty much his life before the dreams started and he headed towards Greenest and towards his destiny."

Sylvester Namfoodle "Nam" McGarrick, Wizard of the 3rd Order, Captain of the Face

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