Tyranny of Dragons

Um... Hey guys... Hey, hey, you guys... DRAGON COMING THIS WAY!!

Session 10

Continuing from where we left off at last session, where we were in the tower room and deciding what to do next.

- continued our search of the tower, proceeding to the 2nd floor
- found a room with a raven; did not enter
- found a Farseer of Illusk on the 3rd floor
- used the Farseer
- saw a dragon’s lair (west of tower)
- saw a dragon charge out and head due east (towards us)
- ran down and out of tower to 1st floor (dining hall)
- encountered 5x Cultists; 3x fled, 2x killed
- killed 2x Cultists + 3x Bullywogs with fireball
- killed 5x Bullywogs, 1x Cultist
- 1x Cultist fled
- ran back up the tower to Lizardmen’s barracks
- saw Sergey abducted by the dragon
- Resmir has one of the masks!
- leave, rest for the night
- re-enter the castle
- Resmir and the elf Dralmorrer Borngray and the Red Wizard of Thay have Snapjaw (might be captive?)
- the Lizardmen are hesitant to help us or tell us what is happening
- Elys checked the Farseer again
- mapped the dragon’s lair with Sergey and the dragon (I am supposed to get a map of the lair from Adam for this next session)
- Illen checked the room with the raven; found nothing of note
- went back to upper barracks (2G)
- found ladybox (I have NO IDEA what that means?!)



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