Tyranny of Dragons

Journal Entry - Shinokage

Horse & Hell Hound Inn

I have found my new target of hatred. Four spoiled rich brats who deserve to have their eyes removed and nailed to their pretentious family crests. They coerced a simple innkeeper and insulted our honor. Although it’s been an long time, I remember my elf family dealing with such vagabonds in our forest-home. They stole their supplies and harried them out of the forest. The elves were weak. The monks of the Shadow taught me the only resolution is to reciprocate with a stronger hand. They punch, you kick. They kick, you maim. They maim, you kill. I know that I will see them dead before the hand of fate with their weak human heritage. I will be their death knell. They will see my face before I crush their ribs with my fist.



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