Tyranny of Dragons

Charming the Lizardmen

Session 9

I’m sorry, I simply don’t have time to make a nice log like I did before. So I’m just posting a list of the things I wrote down that we did for the last two sessions.

- charmed the Lizardmen
- discovered they wished the return of the “Black Mist”, and to rid themselves of the Bullywogs
- from their description, believed this to be a black dragon
- traveled with them to the castle in hopes of orchestrating an uprising
- retrieved weapons for the Lizardmen to arm themselves and use against the cultists
- nearly lost my spellbook falling into the water
- started fighting after sneaking into the castle
- confronted by Cultists, killed them (4 or so)
- invaded the tower (1st floor)
- found a book of spells, among other treasures



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