Tyranny of Dragons


I awoke this morning to the call of a woodland bird. This peculiar little bird fluttered from branch to branch finally stopping on the branch I rested upon. Grandmaster Bin taught us of the balance of birds in our daily lesson. They fall from branch to branch – balancing large bodies on relatively small legs.
“The universe is in balance. Every tree. Every stone. Every person. If you can sense this balance, you can alter it for effect.”

I didn’t realize what he meant until this morning. There is a point where the balance starts – where it can be shocked and disrupted. It has taken me years, but I believe I can replicate his sparring trick. He could shift our balance, not our physical balance, but internally, to make us reset our Ki and send us into a state of chaos. It was brief, but very effective.

I should ask Illen about the bird that enlightened me. Perhaps it has more to teach.



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