Tyranny of Dragons

Adventure Log

Party heads upstairs into large empty room filled with stands and targets.
Discussed 5 dragon masks.
Moved to courtyard – empty.

Opened door to Chapel.
-rectangular chapel
-door across from double door entrance.
-opening in east wall
-benches inside
-west end table with candles, very nicely carved Tiamat statue, heads seem more lizard-like.
-Alcove – dumping ground, rotting altar, broken pews, rusty candelabras.
-Alcove – long alcove (east wall)
-Stairs up to side barracks.

-3 cultists – FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
-Enter Scene right – Add Dragonwing.
-attacks thrown
—burning hands
—ray of frost
—spike growth
—flurry of blows
-Enter Scene stairs – Add 2 cultists
—scimitar → deathblow
—chill touch

Head upstairs in barracks
-crates, books, tables with more books.

Head to Library
-Rezmir, Dralmorrer, Snapjaw, Asbarra
-BOOM fireball.
-Cloud of daggers on Dralmorrer
-Scorching ray
Elys goes down → Healing word

-Intermission -
(remaining log from Chris)

Red wizard hits Elys and Nam with a fireball.
Elys returns fire with a Prismatic Orb, killing the Red Wizard.
Elys drops unconscious from attacks.
Illen brings Elys back to consciousness with Healing Word.
Rezmir catches Elys, Nam and Shino with her acid breath, knocking Elys unconscious again.
Illen brings Elys back to consciousness with Healing Word.
Rezmir knocks Shino unconscious with a melee attack, then knocks Nam unconscious with a followup attack.
After attacking Elys, Rezmir fled up the stairs.
Elys tried to catch Rezmir with a web spell, but she saved and managed to get around the corner.
Elys and Illen (now in bear shape) pursued Rezmir up to the third floor.
We discovered her as she was digging the Dragon Mask out of a dresser, and she put the mask on just as we reengaged her.
Rezmir tried to flee past Elys, but Elys held the doorway and kept her from leaving.
Rezmir dropped a Darkness spell.
Illen charged into the Darkness, shifted back, and cast Thunderwave.
The Thunderwave caught Rezmir and killed her.
We retrieved the Dragon Mask, as Rezmir’s corpse dissolved into nothingness.
Illen and Elys returned to the lower level to revive our fallen party, only to find that Shino had succumbed to her wounds.
We were able to bind Nam’s wounds and bring him around.
Over the next hour, we secured the library area against further threat. Nam and Illen rested while Elys performed a ritual to Detect Magic throughout the tower.

The following magical items were recovered:
Rezmir’s Dragon Mask
A great sword named “Hazirawn”
A magic necklace
Two scrolls

Nam searched through the library and discovered instructions on how to activate an underground portal. The portal goes to a place referred to as ‘The Lodge’, where the Dragon Cult has been moving their loot. The notes also revealed that the Cult was moving on from this area since all the loot had been moved through already.

Additionally, we found an inventory of items they had taken from Greenest and three other areas.

Snapjaw came around a few hours later, and we recounted the adventure to him. He agreed to keep the area clear while we recovered.

We ended the session by taking a long rest.



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